Credit Frankly my dear i don't give a damn.
- Nunca me sentí solo
- Eres un mentiroso de mierda. C.B.
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Happy 85th Ennio Morricone!
Here’s a great BBC documentary exploring the life and work of the brilliant Italian composer. Part 1 looks at his early years; part 2 looks at Morricone’s collaboration with Sergio Leone; part 3 features Morricone recording in Rome, and looks at his work on The Battle of Algiers  (1965) and 1900  (1976); includes interviews with Morricone, Gillo Pontecorvo and Bernardo Bertolucci; part 4 looks at Morricone’s ’80s work on Casualties of War  and The Mission, with interviews with Morricone, Brian De Palma and David Puttnam. This documentary was first shown on BBC2 in 1995 and was directed by David Thompson.

Ennio Morricone ‎— Once Upon A Time In America  (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).

Recommended purchasing: Complete Edition [Box set, Soundtrack] [Amazon]. The most complete anthology ever released on Maestro Morricone. Including only original versions of his best works grouped in 7 different categories. All the pieces have been selected by Morricone himself.

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Hospitales,cárceles y putas: Èstas
son las universidades de la vida. Bukowski
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How many times do we have to say goodbye?


(..) muchas veces me voy, sólo porque quiero volver.. Jaime Sabines - Cartas a Chepita (via viejostiemposdeadiccion)
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cha ching

Definition of getting your priorities right

it makes it even better that this is the guy David can’t even remember

#(apparently)  #(according to one of the two main interpretations of that conversation)  #(science disclaimer)  #also it’s not really Gillian who brought this about  #clearly it’s David jumping up on her before she has a chance to get her bearings  #and his clingy shoulder patting  #me me pay attention to me  #he didn’t want to miss his chance lol  #honestly i sense somehow this emerged from his insecurity and needing to immediately show her how happy he was for her  #naturally he needs to congratulate her more than this dude whatshisname  #her latest boy  #won’t remember his existence in another fifteen years  #but these two will still be hangin out fake married and holding hands and shit (via mushfromnewsies)
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